Website Design

Riches Informatique is responsible for the technical and artistic aspect of creating, developing and publishing your website on the internet. We offer a full range of designs and site formats to better meet the needs, budgets and varied preferences of our customers. Contact

From concept to web design

The design is the first step in creating your website. We work together with the client to better evaluate the project according to their needs, and to define the objectives of the site - commerce, advertising, information, etc. Among others, we apply the artistic and visual parameters, the site navigation structure and the integration of texts and graphics provided by the customer. All this faithfully respecting the aesthetics the client wants to convey to visitors of their website.

Riches Informatique promotes responsive mobile-friendly website design. Websites that look great on a tablet and mobile phone are better for your audience and better for business.

Web Development

We help you to properly conduct your project towards a successful website - Whether it is a site of a single web page or a website with a more sophisticated navigational structure; Riches Informatique will help you find the right choices to suit your budget and your desires. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote!

We are experts in several web technologies and languages (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML ..) and put our skills and experience at your service.

If you already have a website in place that requires updates, technical elements of optimization or you simply want to improve its performance on search engines, we can help!

Web Hosting

We offer hosting solutions and packages according to your needs and budget. Your website will be hosted on our dedicated, highly reliable web servers, with excellent technical support.

Website Design, Hosting, SEO Carcassonne, Minervois, France and UK

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

A manual submission is more effective and targeted, and therefore can increase your Internet visibility and generate quality traffic to your site.

At Riches Informatique we implement relevant SEO strategies during a period of 12 months to develop your sales profile, social media presence and brand reputation on the Internet. Email us.

For english-speaking computer assistance and IT support near Carcassonne, we can help!

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